Biology of Self Defense: Protecting in Emergency

Biology of Self Defense: Protecting in Emergency

GunVault safes help overcome physical reactions to a fight-or-flight scenario; 

industry-leading technological advancements to be unveiled at SHOT Show

LAS VEGAS, JANUARY 16, 2019 ― Sweaty palms and trembling knees aren’t just horror movie lore.  The human body is biologically wired to respond to threat. Complex neurological and chemical reactions help brace for confrontation and fuel escape. Unfortunately, this fight-or-flight response causes troublesome side effects, such as perspiration, trembling and brain fog, which can seriously impede a person’s ability to respond to a real-life nightmare. Cannon Security Products has engineered new security features for their GunVault safes to counteract these challenges, allowing users to confidently protect themselves and others. GunVault will preview the cutting-edge enhancements at the 2020 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade ShowSM (SHOT ShowⓇ) and host an emergency preparation and technique presentation by personal protection expert Maggie Mordaunt. 

“When every second counts, there’s no room for error,” states Colette Matthews, Vice President of Innovation and Brand Marketing for Alpha Guardian. “In an emergency, fight-or-flight response causes tunneled vision, sweaty hands, stiff limbs and clumsiness. We’re proud to introduce new GunVault safe features that help offset these challenges, so users can quickly access secure firearms to protect themselves and others in an emergency.” 

When considering how they’d respond if awakened by an intruder or encountering an urgent threat, many people don’t realize how they’ll be impacted by the adrenaline and cortisol released by the fight or flight response. New GunVault features address several abilities that are compromised in an emergency. 


Stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system causes eyes to dilate, and vision becomes tunneled and unclear. 

Even moderate lighting can be too intense and further impede vision, especially in a dark setting. 

The proprietary GunVault No-Eyes keypad is intuitively molded for easy code entry, with deep finger well geometry to provide guidance during hand placement on the electronic keypad. Each keypad button also features raised dots for quick reassurance of correct finger placement. 

Red interior LED lighting illuminates safe contents. Because red light has a longer wavelength, less light is required for illumination, so users’ vision is preserved in the dark. 


The sympathetic nervous system stimulates eccrine glands, and hands become sweaty. As muscles tense in anticipation of action, it causes the body to tremble. 

GunVault access keypad buttons are made of quality materials so fingers won’t slip when entering a digital code.


Rapid heart rate overrides signals from the brain’s prefrontal cortex. The mid-brain, which operates on muscle memory more than considered action, takes charge and a heavy brain fog sets in. Remembering a personal access code may be difficult when you need it most. 

SHOT Show attendees can preview enhanced and intuitive new biometrics for upcoming product introductions. Later in 2020, MiniVault and MultiVault will introduce lines featuring the latest biometric access technology, including a faster, more reliable fingerprint scanner and ergonomic, electronic keypad. 

Speed and Agility: 

Heart and respiration rates speed up. Blood flows to the midsection of the body, causing clumsiness, tense muscles, limb stiffness and poor limb function. 

Faster. Safe. Tough. Already the leader in quick-access firearm storage, groundbreaking re-engineering has delivered quick, reliable access across the family of GunVault products. Spring-loaded shelves automatically slide out of the safe upon code entry for quick, unimpeded access to safe contents. 

At SHOT Show, GunVault will debut the highly anticipated SpeedVault series, which offers immediate, unobstructed access to securely staged handguns. Immediately after the correct code is entered, the internal gun housing will slide out and drop down, providing maximum access to a pistol in ready-to-fire position, for greatest reaction time in an emergency

SHOT Show Expert Session

Maggie Mordaunt, well-respected in the industry as CCW Maggie, will present an informational session on the science of protection at the Alpha Guardian SHOT Show booth at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 22. Mordaunt has long studied the neurological and physical effects experienced in emergency situations. Through their Homeland Personal Protection company in Henderson, Nevada, Maggie, her husband Ken Ortega and team of Instructors provide personal protection training to thousands of military, law enforcement, armed professional and civilian students. Mordaunt will discuss critical preparation and firearm techniques to mitigate physiological and neurological effects of emergency response. She’ll share real-life examples and insight to equip handgun owners to better protect themselves and others if needed. 

“Protection isn’t as simple as purchasing a handgun; it’s the result of learned and practiced response,” said Mordaunt. “Repeatedly practicing every aspect of home defense — from accessing a securely staged weapon to presenting  a firearm with a solid and assertive stance — builds confident habits that will prevail in a true emergency. Practice literally saves lives.” 

Broader SHOT Show News

Alpha Guardian also makes Cannon Safe, Stack-On and Edge brand products to protect loved ones, valuables and keepsakes through all of life’s adventures. Innovation debuting at SHOT Show incorporates added security across all five brands. 

The premium Cannon Safe brand introduces a new generation of unrivaled protection, unveiling two new lines that incorporate both fire and water protection to protect valuables, guns and cherished keepsakes through any disaster. One of the new lines — Cannon Commander — takes innovation further, opening 180 degrees with a state-of-the-art internal hinge, and offering access through a combination biometric/digital access keypad. Built into the door, a revolutionary, high-temperature heat shield offers extreme protection from heat and fire for important documents, keepsakes and digital files. 

Stack-On showcases a new Personal Fireproof and Waterproof Safe for superior protection against fire, flood and theft. 

Previewed at SHOT Show 2019, the Stack-On Beveled-Edge Gun Cabinet returns to debut Flex interior customization. The Beveled-Edge Cabinet has quickly gained popularity for its 180-degree-open exclusive hinge design and new security features. The new Flex line of organizing tools reflect the many ways people use their gun cabinets, and accommodate all Stack-On gun cabinets.

SHOT Show attendees will find Alpha Guardian (#12714) at Sands Convention Center. Schedule an interview or appointment with marketing, engineering, or sales through Malissa Phillips ( More images are available for download, as well as video illustrating new GunVault features and products.

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