We are the Innovative and Industry Leader in security and safety. We are motivated by the need to do better, to constantly improve, to adapt to your lifestyle and expectations. We strive to find better ways to provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind.

Cannon Safes are built for superior security with essential features to provide best in class Secure Storage solutions for your most valuable possessions. Go To Website

Stack-On builds its cabinets and safes purposefully, with the outdoorsman in mind. Delivering exceptional value with a wide array of features, options, and flexibility.

Stack-On quick access safes, portable security cases, and personal safes are the choice for the value-driven shopper in a variety of markets, channels, and demographics. Go To Website

GunVault quick access safes provide optimal security for handguns. As the leader in digital and biometric access, GunVault is the premier brand in the industry, offering the features you want and strength you need to ensure a Safer Way of Living®. Go To Website



Portable Safes

Easy to store and hide, quick to use, and able to hide personal items or firearms. Portable Safes are a solution to the consumer on the go or with a small space that needs secure storage.

Quick Access Safes

Every second counts. These safes are designed to open quickly and discretely. Easy to store and use, quick access safes keep your fire arm close at hand and secure.

Gun Cabinets – durable, affordable, and secure

Gun cabinets provide secure storage solutions to those looking for a way to secure their fire arms. With a security tested locking system, the all-steel cabinets will protect what matters most to consumers.

Personal Safes

Small, discrete, secure. Personal safes provide consumers with the ability to keep valuables out of sight. Perfect for homes and offices, these safes offer an affordable solution to those seeking secure storage.

Fire Resistant Safes

Ideal storage for any home. Perfect for storing guns and valuables, fire safes provide peace of mind by protecting items from fire. Tested to withstand at least 1200 degrees, these safes stand ready to hold precious memories and other items, keeping them safe and secure.

Fire and Water Resistant Safes

Fire resistant and water resistant, these safes provide peace of mind and are tested to withstand any disaster and protect what matters most.