Great Gift Ideas for Each Person on Your Holiday List

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Great Gift Ideas for Each Person on Your Holiday List

Step away from the fruitcake. 

This holiday season, pick a gift to protect what matters most to those who matter to you.

LAS VEGAS, Nov 26, 2019 ― Research shows just how mixed up our gift-giving strategies are. When choosing gifts, people tend to look for items that will impress the recipient or surprise them when they open it, instead of considering how useful or desirable the gift will be in the recipient’s everyday life (which is the primary measure by which recipients measure a gift’s value). Break the cycle! This holiday season, give gifts they’ll use for a lifetime. Even the most difficult-to-shop-for friend or family member will find something to love on this gift list.


Whether on the hunt for big game or waterfowl, the hunter on your list will love the new Stack-On Beveled Cabinet to store up to 18 firearms in style and keep everything organized for the next hunt. Securing firearms in the Beveled Cabinet also protects against theft and keeps them from falling into the wrong hands. 

Appropriate storage helps avoid excessive moisture build-up, common when storing in rifle or shotgun carry bags. For hunters in humid regions, adding a Stack-On Cordless Humidifier will actively reduce humidity inside the safe to help prevent rust. Rust not only dramatically limits the life of a firearm — it can build up inside the barrel and weaken the threads, causing a very dangerous condition for the shooter. 

The Cannon 40-Gun Fire Safe available exclusively through Tractor Supply Co also has a strong mix of security features and amenities to protect electronics, paperwork and valuables along with firearms. 

First Responder 

For those who make it their mission to care for others in urgent need, give a gift that helps them provide security to those they care about most. Make sure the first responder in your life has a GunVault MultiVault safe at home to store their service firearm and up to three personal handguns, to ensure they don’t get into the wrong hands. An electronic keypad enables easy code entry, and an auto-slide-out drawer ensures quick access — it actually gets you to your firearm 20% faster! Or, give a fireproof and waterproof Stack-On Total Defense Home Safe, with customizable interior for secure storage of a service firearm and other valuables.

New Homeowner

Celebrate a big move by giving a new homeowner a gift to preserve the many happy memories they’ll experience in this place, along with family heirlooms and reminders of all that’s brought them to this point in life. Valuables, digital files and priceless souvenirs can all be protected for a lifetime by Cannon Safes — even from theft and fire. Cannon’s Omni Collection is a premier line of home safes, with an elegant look and design-friendly colors. Ideal organization for jewelry, hanging files, digital files, electronics, heirlooms and cash are built in to Omni safes, including upholstered drawer system, customizable interior shelving and door organization, built-in mirror, and a fold-down shelf. Or, look to the Cannon Safe Executive Vault, which includes built-in interior lighting, upholstered interior walls and adjustable shelves, interior door pouches, and a two-plug-in power box, enabling electronics to secured while charging.Its dual, expandable fire seal helps keep out smoke and heat, protecting items inside for up to 75 minutes in a fire. Cannon Edge Safes are compact and sturdy, perfect for discreet storage in a closet or to set on a bedside table.

Expectant Foster Parent

Foster parents are required to have a home safe to protect the birth certificate and other important paperwork belonging to their foster child. Show your support and enthusiasm to anyone preparing to become a foster parent by giving them a home safe to house all the important paperwork for their growing family. A safe is also essential so they can secure firearms and medications where they can’t accidentally endanger their foster child or any other kids who visit. The Stack-On Medium Personal Safe is small enough to fit inside a closet or on a dresser.. It has adjustable shelves to fit up to two handguns, several prescription bottles and important documents. Stack-On Personal Fire Safes are also a great choice, with the added benefit that all three sizes also protect against fire.

College Student

College life is packed with new adventures and opportunities for learning. Help the college student in your life avoid a costly lesson by giving them an Edge Personal Mini Safe to protect their important documents, cash and credit cards, photo drives, and a few special memories from home. Being in charge of their own finances for the first time comes with enough pressure — a small safe helps them learn to manage their money and valuables without the risk of theft. Given the high traffic of friends, family members and service providers in and out of college dorms and apartments, it’s a good idea to keep valuables locked away from prying eyes, and a safe also provides a good spot to tuck away any medications that could be tempting for would-be thieves.


A dedicated collector invests time and money curating their collection — whether it’s stamps, sports cards or rare coins. Sometimes the joy is in the hunt, so instead of trying to find an ultra-rare collectible, only to find it’s already in their collection, gift them protection for the entire collection with a sturdy home safe. Cannon American Eagle safes feature luxurious, customizable shelving and door organization, to preserve contents, even in the event of fire or attempted theft. 

The Stack-On Rechargeable Cordless Dehumidifier is a great addition, allowing collectors to best preserve fragile collectibles by absorbing excess humidity inside the safe. Effective for up to six weeks between charging, a moisture gauge indicates when it needs to be recharged. 

For collectors who display collectibles at shows and swap meets, a small travel safe like the GunVault MicroVault XL is easy to pack for a car or airplane trip and features a foam padded interior and plenty of storage space, including an in-lid storage pouch to secure smaller items. A steel security cord is also provided, to ensure the safe can’t be carried away from a show booth or hotel room. 

Lover of Bling

Jewelry is one of the most popular holiday gifts, yet many people don’t have a safe place to protect their bling from theft. This year, give a fully lined safe with adjustable shelves to organize and protect all their jewelry. The Cannon Omni Collection offers luxurious features to organize and protect an entire jewelry collection, along with family heirlooms and important documents. Available in multiple sizes and on-trend home design colors, Omni safes are top-of-the-line for premium, fireproof security and design. 

Design-friendly Edge Personal Safes are available in two compact sizes, to safely store jewelry right-at-hand on a dresser or shelf. Or, keep special jewelry discreetly tucked away in a drawer, along with passports and other vital documents, in a Stack-On Personal Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock.

To keep jewelry safe at home and when traveling, consider a Stack-On Portable Case with Electronic Lock, which is sturdy, yet small enough to fit in a suitcase. It’s light enough to carry with you, and a security cord allows you to lock it to a fixed object to avoid having it stolen, whether from an automobile, hotel room or AirBNB rental.

If you’re feeling extra generous, you can even tuck a little sparkle right inside!

Parent or Grandparent

If you’re shopping for someone who has kids living in or visiting their home — whether toddlers or teens — give the gift of a small home safe. Your gift recipient can keep important documents “undecorated” during junior’s painting spree, and ensure special valuables and jewelry don’t fall prey to dress-up. Even more important, securing handguns and medications removes a potential deadly risk to family and visitors. A Stack-On Medium Quick Access Safe or Stack-On Small Drawer Safe are two great gift ideas for any parent or grandparent on your gift list. The Small Drawer Safe can even be placed in a kitchen cupboard or nightstand drawer, for easy access to daily medications.


Starting up a small business or sharing your skills through today’s growing gig economy both entail plenty of paperwork and record-keeping, so encourage the entrepreneur’s success with a Stack-On Executive Safe to store important documents, confidential files, and digital back-up of all necessary financial documents. For added security, the Stack-On Total Defense line of safes are the ultimate protection against fire, water and theft. With a fully carpeted, adjustable interior, business essentials will stay safe, even in the event of a catastrophe. Available in larger sizes as well as the Executive model, the entire line can withstand at least 75 minutes of fire at up to 1400 degrees, as well as 20 inches of standing water for three full days. 

Residents of Areas Prone to Natural Disaster

We’ve all seen images of the catastrophic effects of disaster. Take measures to protect loved ones at most risk of being affected. Whether living in tornado alley, a natural flood plain, or areas prone to earthquake, forest fire, hurricane or mudslide, a Stack-On Total Defense home safe will protect their valuables and meaningful belongings against water, fire or force. 

GunVault MiniVault is also a perfect gift. Serving day-to-day as organized, safe storage for the most essential valuables, it fits easily in a backpack or suitcase in the event of evacuation. Designed to resist prying attempts and delivered with an a steel cable to secure the safe on-the-go, belongings inside will be protected and easily accessible, even in an extended stay among hundreds of other evacuees at an emergency shelter.


Rising cost of living in many cities is spurring an increase in shared-living, from rooming together in dorm rooms and apartments to renting a room from a homeowner. But, increased traffic from roommates’ guests can also increase the risk of theft and damage to valued possessions. Remove temptation and give reassurance to your favorite “roomie” with a colorful and stylish Edge Personal Safe to protect ID, cash, paperwork and other small items. A Stack-On Personal Safe with Biometric Lock is also a great fit for a co-living situation, as it fits nicely in a closet, can be mounted to avoid being carried away, and opens at the touch of an approved fingerprint. 

Consider these gifts, too, for loved ones in assisted living communities, to protect valuables and special memories from home from being misplaced. With so many caregivers, facilities workers, and family and friends of other residents moving through the community, a small safe can also prevent against accidental damage and theft, giving peace of mind to venture out for shared meals and activities.

Conceal and Carry Self-Defender

For those on your list who are prepared to defend themselves and others by carrying a concealed weapon, safety is a complex concern. Certain buildings, such as post offices and other government buildings, prohibit weapons even for those with a conceal and carry permit. With auto theft on the rise, many legally obtained firearms are subject to theft and re-sale on the criminal market. Help your loved ones protect their firearms from being stolen and used against them or in a crime by giving a small safe to secure their weapon when it has to be left behind. The GunVault MiniVault GV1050-19 provides access to a handgun 20% faster than its predecessor, thanks to a groundbreaking automatic slide-out door. Upon entry of the correct code, the safe door simultaneously opens while the foam-padded auto slide-out drawer delivers unobstructed access to a handgun. The safe is small enough to easily fit in a trunk or back seat, with a handgun and a couple extra clips inside. It’s a great solution for transit across state lines, where conceal and carry reciprocity isn’t in place. The Stack-On Quick Access Safe  is also great for car storage and quick access, and light enough to transport easily for multi-purpose use in a hotel room or apartment. A security cord provides added assurance that the safe and contents can’t be stolen from the vehicle. 


For those who practice shooting sports, it can be challenging to transport firearms to and from the shooting range and events safely, especially when they’re also having to consider passengers and stops along the way. Take away the complexity and worry by giving them a GunVault MiniVault MV550-19 to secure a full-size handgun and an extra magazine while on-the-go. The safe stores easily in a vehicle and comes with a steel security cable.

Small-space and Mobile-space Dweller

Eco-conscious living, budget-friendly lifestyles and thirst for adventure on-the-go are fueling interest in small homes and RV life. A Stack-On Personal Fireproof Safe protects cash and valuables, can be mounted in place to prevent being carried away, and still fits nicely in the smallest environment. With cool designs and fun colors, the Edge Personal Mini Safe is another great option for small-space living. It can even double as a handy bedside table!


Skip the tchotchkes and go for the heartstrings when you give a small Stack-On Total Defense safe to the photographer on your list. Each safe in the line is both fireproof and waterproof, so your gift can protect a lifetime of photos and digital files from theft or disaster, and ensure those treasured moments live on to be cherished by future generations.

Travel Junkie

Adventure and travel go hand-in-hand, but nobody wants the adventure of trying to reclaim lost or stolen valuables on their trip! For the explorers on your gift list, give a Stack-On Personal Case to keep travel documents, tickets, cash and ID safe on the journey. TSA approved and small enough to fit in a suitcase, the foam-padded interior protects even fragile valuables, within the all-steel construction. The case can be secured to a fixed object during travel, using the included 1500-pound test steel security cable. 

GunVault MicroVault is another great option for travelers. With enough space to accommodate a full-sized handgun and an extra magazine, the travel case protects against unintended use and theft. The MicroVault has GunVault’s No-Eyes keypad, which allows for quick and easy one-touch entry, as well as special anti-pry security features. An all-steel cable can secure the MicroVault to any fixed object, such as a car seat or piece of furniture to keep contents safe during travel, whether in an automobile, on a cruise ship or at a resort.

Homeowner and Host

The home security industry is booming, as residential areas play host to various home security systems and legions of home entry cameras — many that even feature facial recognition capabilities! Yet, many American homes have little to protect the valuables and precious items INSIDE the home. With homeowners frequently hosting everything from family get-togethers, dinner parties and book club to slumber parties, playdates and study buddies, traffic in and out of the home is substantial. Service and delivery professionals add to the fray, showing why a nice home safe is a great gift for any homeowner on your list. Cannon Executive Series Safes are ideal for a home environment, with layers of security to protect contents against fire and smoke damage, as well as theft and unintended use. Customizable, lined interior shelves and several storage pouches offer plenty of space for documents, valuables, jewelry, and family heirlooms, ensuring your passports don’t end up in the pocket of the plumber and great-grandma’s quilt isn’t cut up to serve as a superhero cape for the neighbor kids’ next play.

Homeowners who own firearms can protect family and friends against unintended use and theft of their weapons with the Stack-On Elite 30-Gun Home Safe, which also keeps contents safe from fire, up to 30 minutes and 1400 degrees. Thanks to its fully adjustable interior, with three adjustable barrel rests and three adjustable shelves, the Stack-On Elite has plenty of space for organized storage for a variety of firearms, as well as valuables, documents and keepsakes. Sewn-in pouches and holsters provide door-side organization for handguns and smaller items.

Whichever safes you choose, add a bow, and they can double as gift packaging, ready to preserve whatever you store inside — from diamond earrings or airline tickets to a gift card or a freshly decorated batch of holiday cookies. To find gift ideas for more of the amazing humans on your holiday gift list, along with product imagery and links for easy purchase, go to


Maker of Cannon Safe, Stack-On and GunVault security and storage products, Alpha Guardian’s evolving, robust, and innovative portfolio of products meets the needs of modern lifestyles. With countless combinations of security features and access technologies in safes of all sizes, Alpha Guardian products provide secure storage solutions for what matters most in people’s lives.