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The job of 911 dispatch is an emotional roller coaster. Aaron is the reassuring voice on the end of what could be the worst call of someone’s life and then makes sure that the right emergency service gets to the right place with the right information.

Received the first Purple Heart from our City. I and a county officer where critically cut up by a mental patient. We had to shoot him to end the blood shed.

Front working daughter

My wife went through thick and thin we me on the police force. Was there by my side when critically injured and there when forced to take a job related disability against my wishes. A lot of sad times ever since.

My hero is my son who served in the US Army for 4 years. Not much has been said about those four years but I know they were and are impacting him. I’m greatful for his service and very proud of him.

The man here is my dad. He served in the Army as a tank maintainer. He’s the best example to what a man should be. He’s been through hell and back with certain Health issues ever since I could remember, but you’d never know with his uplifting attitude. This man ...

My husband spent a third of last year bringing people home from around the world, that were sick and needed critical care. Now he is currently working shifts in the ER, surgery and other areas of need. Also, over the last week he helped open a local clinic to provide ...

My hero is Kim who has been my friend for more than 20 years she was also my employee. Kim is a flight attendant and a real estate agent one of the best friends I’ve ever had. Kim has flown as A flight attendant for many years and always volunteers ...

Aaron Baker has spent his life putting others in front of himself. He’s created jobs, sponsors people who are less fortunate, provides educational resources and hope for a future to so many. He’s inspired so many people, my self included, to find ways to better other peoples’ lives.

My beautiful wife, Nikki, is my hero. Not just because she is the mother of my two sons and puts up with the a house full of 3 guys and our sometimes, according to her, our stickiness. She is also a silly sis nurse who loves her patients, but she ...

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