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Aaron Baker has spent his life putting others in front of himself. He’s created jobs, sponsors people who are less fortunate, provides educational resources and hope for a future to so many. He’s inspired so many people, my self included, to find ways to better other peoples’ lives.

My beautiful wife, Nikki, is my hero. Not just because she is the mother of my two sons and puts up with the a house full of 3 guys and our sometimes, according to her, our stickiness. She is also a silly sis nurse who loves her patients, but she also does these jobs while having rheumatoid arthritis and excruciating migrains. She doesn’t let this slow her down and has worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic in spite of having a compromised immune system due to her medication. For that reason I nominate her and feel like she is a hero to many more as well.

My daughter and I were involved in a fatal car accident in April 2019. That year she finished off her junior year in a wheelchair and had a wound vacuum in her stomach, with Straight A’s. She graduated in 2020 through the pandemic with a 4.6 GPA. Immediately she enrolled in college in pursuit to get her associate’s degree and become a paramedic. She is currently a state licensed EMT, enrolled full-time to become a paramedic. She is set to graduate May 2022

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