The Safe That Survived a Three Hour Pickax Pry Attack and Two Vehicle Accidents

Imagine receiving a phone call from a police officer and hearing that your home safe was not only involved in one car accident but two? That’s how Chris Smith of Russellville, South Carolina found out his house was burglarized when he and his family were out of town visiting family. 

As the weather cooled from the summer heat to autumn, two burglars sneaked into the Smith’s house one night and proceeded to steal any electronic and other valuables not securely stored away. Knowing that all the homeowner’s most valuable possessions were locked behind their large Cannon Safe, the burglars spent the next three hours trying to pry open their safe, using a pickax they found in the garage. Not being able to enter the safe, moved to plan B to get the safe open. One of the burglars backed up his pickup truck while the other one wrapped a chain around the safe. 

They dragged the safe through the front door of the house using the truck. Then they proceeded to drive recklessly a couple of miles down the street hoping to damage the safe enough that they would be able to pry it open.  Along the way, the safe swung over the lanes, hitting another truck, causing over 11,000 in damages. As the heavy safe hit the truck, the chain snapped, sending the safe head-on into another car, totaling the second vehicle.

When police officers arrived on the scene, they tried to open the safe but were not able to gain access. The police continued with prying the safe for over an hour to finally gain entrance to determine its rightful owner.

“I was never worried about going on vacation or to the store because I owned a Cannon Safe,” Chris told Cannon Safe when he reported the incident. After his safe survived nearly four hours of a pry attack, being dragged behind a truck for two miles and hitting a truck and totaling a car, anyone can understand why he never worried. 

The Smith family received a brand-new Cannon Safe at no charge to them under Cannon’s Best Lifetime Warranty.