Hometown Heroe’s Big Winners

Cannon Security Products names three grand winners for the Hometown Heroes’ Project. It was a great way to kick off the Holiday Season by recognizing deserving local hometown heroes selected by friends and family online.

                These individuals selected embodied the principles of honor, respect, pride and demonstrated compassion for their community. Heroes are those in our community who we admire or idealize for their courage, outstanding achievements, or mobile qualities. From doctors to teachers, veterans to first responders, thousands of people strive daily to make the world a better place. And everyone knows someone in their life that does just this.

                Among the winners in third place is Bernell Butler of California.  Mr. Butler is a retired Navy Veteran who served in Desert Storm. He continues to serve the community through numerous charities mentoring teenage boys. Bernell has been recently diagnosed with ALS and has suffered some major life changes with the progression of the disease. But he continues a positive attitude and does what he can in continuing to make a difference for those around him.

                The second-place winner is Nikki Parrish, a wife and mother of two boys. Nikki is a full-time nurse who has served tirelessly through the Covid Pandemic. She has worked through the pandemic despite having rheumatoid arthritis and a compromised immune system due to her medication. Her strength and courage have been a beam of hope to those around her.

                Finally, our third-place winner is Alyssa Martin from South Carolina. Alyssa is a currently a state licensed EMT and is enrolled full-time to become a paramedic. In 2019, she was involved in a fatal car accident that has left her on a long road to recovery. Through her determination and hard work, Alyssa will graduate in May, 2022.

                The three chosen winners will receive Cannon and Stack-on Safes up to $1,000 apiece. We thank everyone who has participated and voted to make this program a success.